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Right in the heart of the city there is no better place to enjoy the authentic Parisian cuisine and the cafe culture that has made Paris famous around the world. Packed into the small space are a wide range of choices from fine dining to authentic ethnic fast foods to fresh produce.


The market stalls which operate at the southern end of the street outside the church are a way for Paris to connect to the great fresh fruits, vegetables and produce of the agriculture of the country.  There are always some stalls open but different parts operate on different days and it is most busy on Sunday morning, and least on Monday when most shops are closed.

Rue Mouffetard stalls sell a range of fresh goods but mostly find items such as melons, peaches, oranges, and all types of fruit from the small stalls. Produce is in season and varies according to when you are visiting.


Although mainly catering to the local residents who wish to stock their kitchens with the freshest of ingredients, as well as the many local university students who need to cater for themselves, the stalls do of course have prefect picnic materials for any visitor to the city.

Whether you wish to eat fruit, bread and wine while sitting in the garden of the church, or whether you will walk to the river to watch the Bateaux Mouches, this is a great place to stock up and then eat later.


While our street is not that long it does contain not just plenty of cafes but also a wide range of varieties in styles, budget and atmosphere. At the northern end nearer the pantheon there are of course more establishments that provide for visitors, tourists and travelers to Paris with both traditional foods and English menus.

While at the southern end of the road you will find more choices that are oriented towards the local residents, particularly the student population who of course enjoy a vibrant nightlife and cafe society..


There are many full restaurants along our street, here are a selection of a few to choose from starting with the more traditional French for which we are famed, but then also including some international choices which reflect the multi-cultural atmosphere of the 5th.

Cafe Le Papillon - There are many "Butterfly" restaurants and Cafes in Paris, indeed in France, but the one at 129 rue Mouffetard is one of the few family run restaurants still in the street. Get an authentic French experience with a set menu for dinner in this tiny establishment packed close together with other diners.  With ingredients freshly sourced from the market stalls just outside, and the bakers and other shops just along the street, you won't find fresher restaurant food anywhere.  Dine as you would in a locals house. 

Le Jardin d'Artemis - A rural cafe set in the midst of the city this charming dark red paneled cafe has no garden despite the name, though it faces the garden of a pre-school creche over the road, but focuses on a small menu of fine French cuisine served.  Exceptional efficient and friendly personal service from the small staff means you can enjoy a real Parisian experience like a warm home. Try the Escargot with a unique selection of fine herbs, not overwhelmed with butter as is too common. And conclude your meal with their famed creme brûlée.  Call for reservations or walk downhill from Place de la Contrescarpe and it is on your right.

L'assiette aux Fromages - literally "The Cheese Plate", while specializing in French cheese based dishes you will also find a full menu of options including sea trout and chocolate ice cream that have no Cheese in them! But of course to get the best from this restaurant try their signature dishes such as Cheese fondu with plenty of bread and dried meats to dip, but also don't miss the crispy duck leg or the eggplant with goats cheese.  website

Jardin d'Ivy - There are great delicious apple tart and profiterole drenched in soft creme in this cozy restaurant, but don't miss the King Prawn Entree and the ravioles aux epinards, a very traditional specialty. website


Place de la Contrescarpe

Made famous in the Hemingway novel A Movable Feast this square near the end of rue Mouffetard is today a collection of little cafes as it was in his day, though the names have changed and the standards have improved the authentic paresian atmosphere does not differ at all.  Look out for #74 on rue Mouffetard  where Hemmingway lived during his time on the road.  It is the second building on your left as you leave the place de la Contrescarpe, there is a bookshop on the ground floor of the building.  There is a small white plaque up on the wall put up by the Association la Memorie des Liux to commemorate his inhabitation in 1922 to 1923.

Rue du Pot de Fer

This side street is packed with restaurants. Find all types from Indian to traditional French in this very very narrow Romanesque street with high 4 story buildings going down towards residential areas.

Square Saint Medard

A small green square, a perfect place to sit and eat the picnic lunch you have bought in our market! Situated outside the church it has a small children's climbing area out of wood, and some park benches under the shade of green trees.

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