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5th arrondissement

Officially named after the Panthéon which is its most famed building the 5th arrondissement is simply known as "the 5th" or "Le 5e" or "Cinquième" to those who live here.

One of the centrally located districts of the city it borders the river Seine on the north, the Luxembourg gardens and Palace on the west while extending southwards as far as Les Gobelins Metro station.

As the oldest of the districts of Paris it is one of the few places in the city were the layout of the Roman town of Lutetia can still be seen. With Arenas, Caldariums and more still visible today it is a truly historic part of the city.

With a multi-cultural population it represents the true modern France at the same time, and while the population has past the peak it had in the 20the century it is still a popular place to live, close to the major city facilities but with a small town atmosphere.

Being the core of the Latin Quarter, named for the prevalence of higher education institutes which of course once worked entirely in Latin, the atmosphere is also one of being a college town, and you'll find young people, book stores, plenty of cafes and and a liberal attitude even by Parisian standards.


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