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About rue Mouffetard

Showcasing the tradition of Parisian street markets the rue Mouffetard harkens back to the days when all shopping was done like this.  From fresh produce from nearby farms to the breads and pastries baked on the premises everything smells and is as wholesome as can be.  Although the name of the road comes from bad smells in the medieval times, today it is fresh breads, pastries, fruit and wine that fill the air!

Starting at the northern end near the Pantheon and walking as far as the Saint-Médard you will pass by all manner of real Parisian shopping from the bakers through to the market stalls at the end.  Walk downhill and at the end rest your feet in the little garden of the church!

Visit la Mouffe as we call it today!


While some of the other streets of Paris have a lot of information about them that is not so true about rue Mouffetard, and to understand how the street works is not simple so therefore we decided there should be a website dedicated to this traditional Parisian delight.  Not attempting to be a guide to the whole of Paris, but rather focusing just on this one area in our tradition of "FastFacts" guides to more or less hidden tourist spots which are off the beaten track. 

We do very much hope that you will find this site informative!

Do contact us if you have any thoughts on other things that we should explain or discus!

This is a WL Media FastFacts guide.

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